Spare Parts for Coffee Machines and Grinders

If you're looking for parts for your coffee machine or grinder, we are here to help. We stock parts for most of the popular espresso machine and commercial grinder brands in Sydney.

But first a bit of background about the basic components:

The portafilter, or group handle, is where the ground coffee is placed before being loaded into the group head to brew your perfect cup.

The group head or brew head is where the portafilter is locked into the coffee machine.

The group head has a large gasket called a group seal, which seals the portafilter in the group head. The constant heat and pressure damages the rubber making it hard and dry. This will cause water and coffee grounds to leak from the sides of the group handles when a shot is running. Along with shower screens, group seals need to be replaced regularly.

Shower screens, also called shower filters or dispersion screens, become clogged with coffee oils and fine particles. This affects the pressure of the extraction as well as the flavour of your coffee, so clean your screens often and replace them regularly.

Inside the portafilter you will see a fine wire, called a basket spring. This grips onto the basket and holds it in place. If your basket drops out of the group handle when you knock the used coffee grounds out, it’s time to order new basket springs!

The basket sits in the portafilter and holds the ground coffee. They come in sizes from 6 grams to 24 grams, however the exact amount held by the basket varies according to the particle size of your coffee grounds and how hard you tamp. Like shower screens, the fine holes in the basket can become clogged with oils and particles so they should be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time.

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