Spare parts of coffee machines

With the ever increasing demand in coffee in Sydney, the demand for coffee machines and coffee machine parts Sydney has also grown to a huge extent. Not only coffee machines but also the demand for espresso parts Sydney has also risen.

Here is a list of the basic componenets of espresso parts Sydney, Australia.
❏ Portafilter- The portafilter, or group handle, is where the coffee is placed before loading in the group head to brew the espresso.

❏ Group head- Also known as the brew head or the brew group. This is where the portafilter is inserted before the brewing of the espresso.

❏ Group seal gasket- This is a large rubber O-ring that is used to seal the portafilter into the group head. The group seal gasket needs to be replaced regularly, especially if it is leaking.

❏ Group shower screen- Also known as the dispersion screen, shower filter or shower screen.

❏ Portafilter basket spring- This keeps the basket from falling out of the portafilter.

❏ Basket – sits in the portafilter and holds the ground coffee. Comes in different sizes from 6grams up to 24grams.

Before choosing a machine, it is important to make sure of service and spare parts availability.