Things to Consider before Installing a Coffee Machine

Thinking of opening a café in Sydney? There are many coffee machines and grinders to choose from, so it can be a bit confusing. As Sydney’s leading coffee machine repairer, with decades of experience, we have some knowledge to share! The following points might help you to refine your choices.

How busy do you expect your café to be? Do you need a 2 group, 3 group or even a 4 group espresso machine? A 4 group machine is large and will need a lot of bench space. 3 group and 4 group machines need special power connections. The most popular machine is the three group; you can run up to six coffees at once, allowing for quick service, without a big footprint. Of course, if coffee is not a big focus in your business a 2 group machine might be all you need.

Are you planning to serve other styles of coffee? Cold drip, brewed or filtered coffees are alternatives which are popular in some areas. Available bench-space is going to be a factor here.

What volume of coffee do you expect to grind? This will influence your choice in coffee grinders. You might also want to have extra grinders for your decaf, single origin or more than one choice of blend. Again, you will need to think about how much bench space you have.

Before purchasing your espresso equipment, make sure that there are service technicians local to you and that parts are easy to find.

We hope this information helps you with your choices. If you need help with installing your coffee equipment in Sydney or Canberra, call us on 02 9938 1866.