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Basic Maintenance for Espresso Machines and Grinders

Australians love their coffee. Whether you serve hundreds of coffees a day, or have a small machine at home, some daily maintenance will keep your equipment performing perfectly and your coffee tasting great! Below are some tips for making a good coffee and caring for your espresso machine and grinder.

Always purge the group head before and after use. Purging before running a shot improves temperature stability and purging after the shot cleans any coffee grounds stuck to the shower filter.

You should also purge the steam wand before and after use. Purging before use expels moisture and you should purge after steaming milk to clean out any milk in the wand. Wipe the wand with a damp cloth after every use to prevent milk building up in a hard crust.

Don’t leave the steam wand soaking in a glass of water as this can cause dirty water to be sucked into the boiler causing contamination. If the holes in the steam tip get clogged, remove the tip and clear the blockage with a pin.

When you have run a shot, take the portafilter out of the group. Leaving a packed group handle in the group will cause your seals to dry out.

Clean the group with coffee machine detergent (first check your instruction manual). Cafes usually clean their groups every day, once a fortnight should be enough for domestic machines.

Replace the water filter regularly, according to the type of filter, quality of water and volume of coffee you make.

To keep your beans fresh, only pour the amount you will use into the hopper. Keep the bag sealed and in a cool, dry place.
Don’t leave beans in the hopper overnight and clean out all the ground coffee at the end of the day. Any coffee left overnight will be stale and can clog the grinder.

If your grinder jams, try making the grind more coarse, you might be able to clear it out.

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