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Basic maintenance for Espresso machine and grinder

Espresso coffee is everywhere. Whether you are a barista in a café or you have a machine at home, the level of daily maintenance should be the same. Even though the home machine is smaller and does less volume, we at Sydney Espresso Services find the same problems and they are due to poor cleaning habits or lack of knowledge.
Here are a few tips for caring for your machine:
1. Always purge the group head before and after use. Purging before allows for temperature stability. Purging after cleans it from coffee grinds.
2. Always purge the steam wand before and after use. Purging before gets rid of built up moisture. Purging after cleans out any milk. Also wipe down the steam wand after every use so that the milk doesn’t build up and cake on. Occasionally you can remove the steam tip and clean the holes with a small pin.

3. Do not soak the steam wand in a glass of water. This can cause dirty water to get sucked up into the boiler.

4. Cleaning the group head with detergent. (Please see relevant instructions for your machine) Cafes – should be done every day or minimum twice a week. Home machines – once a fortnight should be enough.

5. Do not leave the portafilter in the group head for long periods of time. This will dry out the seal.

6. Replace your water filter at least every 6 months.

For any other repairs, please call Sydney Espresso Services who are the leading coffee machine repair company in Sydney.

Here are a few tips for caring for your grinder:

1. Don’t overfill your hopper. The beans will lose their freshness. Only pour in an amount you will grind.

2. Clean your hopper out daily.

3. Clean out all ground coffee daily. Any ground coffee left overnight will be stale and can clog up your grinder.

4. If your grinder jams up, try making the grind courser. You might be able to free it up.

For any other repairs, please call Sydney Espresso Services who are the leading coffee grinder repair company in Sydney.

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